Breitling designed its “Colt” line of Chronographs with racing in mind. We live in a fast-paced information-driven society, and this is accentuated during the Holidays. So I figured I make a post about Breitlings best racing watch as a tribute. Hope you like it. 😀

The Colt Chronograph II is top of the line for many reasons, and one of those reasons is having a Breitling SuperQuartz™ movement that is 10 times more accurate than normal quartz. This watch is great for those who live life on the fastlane because it employs a streamline time-zone change system that prevents any loss of precision when tracking the minutes.

Other great features include a 44mm steel case, 2~3 years of battery life, a 1/10th second function, and 300 meters of water resistance. This is a great watch indeed. But before you trample someone in order to buy this thing, just remember that your dollar would go much further if you choose to buy a replica Breitling watch instead.

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